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(NEW) Hermès Della Cavalleria

RM 32,900.00

A spectacular clasp

The Hermès Della Cavalleria bag unleashes the imagination with its extraordinary clasp, inspired by the iconic Verdun half-bit. Although its mechanism is minimalist, the design is nothing short of spectacular. The metal is curved to accentuate the curves of the bag. A legend is born

Forging an allure

For the Hermès Della Cavalleria bag, the goldsmiths and saddlers have created a unique alliance. The metal clasp is rounded to fit the curves of the leather with absolute precision. A technical feature that brings elegance to life. 

Here comes the cavalry!

With its accordion gussets, two spacious compartments, and central pocket, the Hermès Della Cavalleria bag boasts a myriad of interior features that are waiting to be explored... This stunning accessory never rides alone .

Conquering style

Its style, its structure, its posture... Everything about it surprises and invites adventure. Whether worn as a sling bag or draped over the shoulder, the Hermès Della Cavalleria bag is the perfect companion for even the most epic of destinies.